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What is difference between Bulk Conveying and Unit Handling Conveyors?

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

What is Bulk conveying?

  • Bulk conveying conveyors carry material that has a measure of Kgs/hour. Such as Wheat, cement, stones, concrete, coal

  • This conveyor has a RUBBER belt having a thickness of 5mm or more.

  • A three-roller frame supports the rubber belt to form a trough. This trough carries the material to be conveyed.

  • This conveyor has a heavy-duty rigid fabricated structure.

  • The Length of this conveyor is from meters to kilometers.

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Roller Conveyors
Roller Conveyors

What is the unit handling conveyor?

  • Unit handling conveyor carries material that has a measure of Nos/hour such as carton boxes, crates, bags, sacks.

  • The conveyor, generally has a PVC belt of thickness 2mm and more.

  • A flat sheet or straight rollers support this belt while carrying the units.

  • This conveyor has a light-duty structure as well as heavy-duty depending on the application.

  • The length of the conveyor is generally in meters.


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