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Spiral Conveyors

What are the types of Spiral Conveyors?

Spiral Conveyors are used to carry material along the spiral axis upwards or downwards. The spiral media may be different such as rollers, modular belts modular slats, but the ultimate aim is to convey material.

Spiral Conveyors are the Best Space Saving option. Again it depends on the material/component dimension to be transferred. Spiral conveyors are also used in bakery where in process cooling is required. In this case, the speeds are very slow. 

Where are Spiral Conveyors used?

Spiral Conveyors are used in various industries for vertical transfer of materials and articles. 

  • Warehouse & storage 

  • e-commerce

  • Food & Bakery

  • Pharma

  • FMCG 

  • many more.

What are Design Options in Spiral Conveyors? 

Options are dependent on - 

  • Number of floors

  • Number of Inputs 

  • Number of outputs 

  • Purpose 

  • Direction - Upward / downward / both                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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