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Timing Pulley Driven Rollers 

Type 310 - Timing Pulley Driven Rollers 

310-D50 Timing Pulley Roller.jpg

  • Materials - Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel

  • Bearing Housing - Polymide Molded

  • Roller Dia. - 50.8 x 1.6mm thick

  • Timing Pulley - 5M x 28Teeth

  • Surface Treatments for Carbon steel -  Zinc Plated, Chrome plated

  • Surface Treatment for SS - Mirror Polished

  • Coatings - PU Coated, PVC Sleeve

  • Works at Room Temp

  • BF = RL + 43

  • SL = RL + 44 Minimum

BF = RL + 43

SL = RL + 44

Why to use Timing Pulley Rollers?

  • It is a great option when you want a positive engagement to run the rollers.

  • The groove or cord rollers run based on friction between rollers and cord.

  • But timing pulley is an excellent option to use in clean rooms or Pharmaceuticals, FMCG industry where chain and grease is not allowed.

Timing Pulley Rollers .JPG

Attached is the table in which recommend roller pitch for the belt length given.

Kindly validate the same before using the same. 

In timing pulley roller conveyor system, the weakest part is the timing belt. So kindly check the strength of the timing belt with respect to the load.

The Motor to Roller belt will have maximum torque requirement. 


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