Grooved Conveyor Rollers

Type 301 - Single Groove Driven Rollers 

Type 301 Single Groove Roller.jpg

  • Materials - Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel

  • Bearing Housing - Polymide Molded

  • Roller Dia. - 50.8 x 1.6mm thick

  • Load Capacity chart as per below

  • Surface Treatments for Carbon steel -  Zinc Plated, Chrome plated

  • Surface Treatment for SS - Mirror Polished

  • Coatings - PU Coated, PVC Sleeve

  • Groove Distance as per demand 

What are Groove Conveyor Rollers

Type 302 Double Groove Roller.jpg

Type 302 - Double Groove Driven Rollers 

Groove Conveyor Rollers Or Grooved Conveyor Rollers Or O Groove Conveyor Rollers, move the rollers with the help of Round PU or PVC Cord. Depending on the number of Grooves, the roller types change.