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Pallet Conveyor Lines 

What is its all about Pallet Conveyors? 

Pallet Conveyors are simple roller conveyors but are designed to take heavy loads of pallets such as 2tons. Pallet conveying poses a challenge in conveying because of higher weights and higher heights. 

Due to higher weights, the conveyors are needed very much rigid and heavy-duty.

What are components of a typical Pallet Conveying Line?

Depending on the layout a pallet conveying line may need below units 

  • Pallet Motorised Conveyor

  • Pallet Gravity Conveyor 

  • Pallet Turntables

  • Pallet Cross Transfer Units 

  • Pallet Drag Chain Conveyors 

  • Pallet Lift & Rotate

  • Pallet Transfer Unit

  • Pallet Pairing Unit.

  • Pallet Dispensing Unit 

What are Pallet Conveyors?

Pallet Conveyors are again of two types Pallet Gravity Conveyors and Pallet Powered Conveyors. 

Pallet gravity roller conveyors need more precaution during design than powered conveyors. The weight of the pallet and height both play a vital role while the design of the pallet conveyors. The rollers, as well as structure, should be able to handle the weight of the pallets. Read - How to calculate load carrying capacity? Also Read What is the load-carrying capacity of rollers?


The pallet gravity roller conveyors should also have speed control rollers along with proper pallet stopping arrangements and safety features. Due to weight, the pallet speed increases on gravity roller conveyors.  It is necessary to reduce the speed of the pallet before it reaches the unloading end. Speed control rollers reduce the speed of the pallets so that the pallet stops at the unloading end safely. 

The Powered Roller Conveyors uses pallet conveyors with rollers of diameter 76mm x 3mm thick with sprocket such as   5/8"x15Teeth. Powered Roller Conveyors may have sped up to 20meters/min. 

Excel Conveyors manufactures pallet conveyors which are Rigid, robust, and with adequate safety measures. 


What are Pallet Turntables, Cross Transfer Units, Lift & Rotate ?

Pallet Turntables, Cross Transfer Units, Lift & Rotate are more or less and do the same function. They have one thing in common. They work with the orientation of the pallet.  Pallets have stringers that support the top platform to take loads. There are various types of pallets in terms of size and materials. 

While the pallet is moving on roller conveyors, the bottom stringers are at a right angle to rollers. The right angle position of the stringers needs to be maintained at cross transfers. All the above units do change the orientation. 

The Turntables receive the pallet on it, and after that, it turns 90Degree Or 180Degree. 

The Cross Transfer Units receive the pallet via a drag chain conveyor which has more height than rollers. It lowers down on rollers and rollers move the pallet on the line.

Lift & Rotate - is a combination of turntable & cross transfer units.

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