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Conveyor Rollers 

Idler Roller Manufacturer _ Excel Rollers


Gravity / Idler 


Groove Roller Manufacturer Based at Pune India


Grooved / O Cord Rollers 

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Type 400

Taper Rollers

Idler Roller Manufacturer based at Pune, India


Gravity / Idler 


Timing Pulley Belt Driven Rollers by Excel Conveyors & Rollers


Timing Belt Rollers 

Sprocket Roller Manufacturer Based at Pune India


Fixed Drive Sprocket Rollers 

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Type 210 

Heavy Duty

Timing Belt Rollers

Standard Sizes available in Rollers 

Load Capacity of Conveyor Rollers 

Understanding Load Capacity in Conveyor Rollers

Our conveyor rollers are designed to efficiently handle various loads, and it's crucial for designers and users of gravity conveyors to grasp the nuances of load capacity. The information provided below, based on roller lengths in mm and diameters, offers insights into load-bearing capabilities. However, it's essential to note that these figures serve as references and indicators, subject to variations based on component materials and working conditions.

Distribution, Not Concentric:

It's imperative to recognize that the load-carrying capacity of our rollers is distributive, not concentric. In other words, the capacity is not solely determined by a point load. Instead, it considers the distribution of the load along the length of the roller.

Inverse Relationship with Length:

The load-carrying capacity demonstrates an inverse relationship with the length of the rollers. As roller length increases, the capacity decreases. This understanding is pivotal for optimal conveyor design, ensuring that the system is tailored to handle loads efficiently.

Consideration for High-Width Products:

For products with greater width, it's important to note that a proportional increase in roller diameter may be necessary to maintain the desired load capacity. This ensures that the conveyor system can effectively handle the demands of high-width items.

Please be aware that the load capacities provided are for reference and indicative purposes only. The actual capacity may vary based on factors such as component materials and specific working conditions

At Excel Conveyors, we prioritize transparency and knowledge-sharing to empower our users in designing and operating gravity conveyors effectively. If you have further inquiries or need detailed specifications, we encourage you to reach out, and our team will be delighted to assist you.

The load capacities are mentioned in Kgs 

Rollers Coating Options 

Conveyor Rollers have lot of coating options available as below. 

Zinc Plating
  • Also known as Zinc Blue white passivation 

  • This is most widely done coating process for Rollers 

  • It gives 3-5 micron shiny white appearance

  • Cost effective process 

  • Fast compared to other process.

  • This process is used in packaging areas where carton boxes, crates etc  are to be conveyed 

Gravity or Idler Rollers
Chrome Plating 
  • This process is done vary rarely

  • When there are chances of scratches on the roller, then this process is done to protect the roller.

  • It gives 5 micron shiny white appearance

  • The coating thickness can be increased 

  • Very Costly process 

  • Very Time Consuming,  compared to other process.

  • Auto-ancillary companies prefer this process when conveying metal parts

Sprocket Driven Rollers by Excel Conveyors
PU Coated Rollers 
  • PU is polyurethane Coating 

  • This process is done when the conveying parts is metal and it needs to be protected from scratches or metal to metal friction. 

  • Generally a 4-5 mm thickness layer is done on the roller.

  • The coating thickness can be increased 

  • Very Costly process & Very Time Consuming,  compared to other process.

  • Auto-ancillary companies prefer this process when conveying metal parts

  • Roller Dia. 31.75 is PU Coated to 40mm OD 

  • Roller Dia. 38mm is PU coated to 48 or 50mm OD

  • Roller Dia 51 mm is coated to 60mm OD

  • Roller Dia 60.3mm is coated to 70mm OD 

  • It is available is various colors as Green, Yellow, Red etc

  • It gives smooth bright and shiny finish

PU Coated Rollers by Excel Conveyors & Rollers
PVC Sleeve Coated Rollers 
  • The PVC sleeve is 2-2.5mm thick.

  • It is inserted on the roller with high pressure.

  • It is used when you want friction or grip on the rollers 

  • Tedious process

Excel Conveyors & Rollers by Excel Conveyors
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