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10 advantages & benefits of conveyor systems

Business Owners often hear that there are many advantages and the benefits of using conveyor systems. We are going to see what those are.

Most of the time the benefits of conveyor automation systems are neglected considering the investment. In this article, we have tried to note down 10 conveyor automation uses and benefits.

Conveyors reduce labor costs and increase productivity. Do they? Let's see all the advantages and benefits of using conveyor systems in detail about how the conveyor system will affect your work.

What is Conveyor System?

Conveyors move the material from place A to place B is the very much old concept of conveyor. There is a lot of advancement in conveyors, along with PLCs and Sensors. It is going beyond imagination using IOT - internet of things.

There are different conveyor systems, and one chooses it depending on the application and expertise in the particular area.

Below are some basic types of conveyor systems

Flat Belt Conveyors

Gravity Roller Conveyors

Powered or Motorised Roller Conveyors

Modular Belt Conveyors

Spiral Conveyors

Drag Chain Conveyors

Screw Conveyors

Overhead Conveyor System



the list continues

What is the difference between various conveyor systems?

A conveying system is a mechanical piece designed to move the product with or without external power with or less workforce efforts

A conveyor generally has an electric motor ( Except gravity roller conveyor ), which runs a media in the conveyor. The media then moves your parts, components, carton boxes. The media in the conveyor changes depending on the type of conveyor.

The Belt Conveyor has media of Conveyor Belt.

Roller Conveyors has media of Rollers.

Screw Conveyor has media of Screw.

Drag Chain Conveyor has media of chain.

Overhead conveyor has media of chain.

This way, some media moves the parts.

The rest is structure and support to the media, and the total is a conveyor.

There are absolutely no limitations as to which industries use conveyor belts. There are a number of applications of conveyor belt. Roller Conveyors advantages and disadvantages are different than belt conveyors. You need to understand various conveyor systems and then select the right conveyor system for your needs.

Let's see below the advantages and benefits of conveyor systems

Before that, let us understand what is the cost of labor.

Direct labor costs are -

- Wages