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Taper  Rollers

What are Taper Conveyor Rollers?

Curve Or Taper Roller Conveyors are an integral part of conveyor systems. Technocrats prefer Taper Rollers for curve conveyors, to make the product stable while moving along the curves. 

Almost everything can be carried on curve roller conveyors using taper rollers. e.g., Plastic Crates, Machined Components having base, Wheels, Tyre, Carton Boxes, Milk Crates, and many more.

 How Taper Rollers are made?

Taper Rollers manufactured by Excel Conveyors have Gravity or Powered Roller as the base roller. The Taper Portion is formed using PP Sleeves of length 50mm, plugged over each other to form a taper portion. The Taper portion has a minimum diameter available is 43mm, and max dia is 106mm. There are various combinations possibles to get minimum dia and max dia. Before you start the design of the curve roller conveyor, you should have the dimensions of the taper rollers. Please refer below. 

Excel Conveyors manufacturers Taper Conveyor Rollers with the following Features.  
  • Crimped Roller Ends

  • Nylon Molded Bearing Housing

  • Various Options for roller mountings - Milled Ends, Female Taps, Spring Back

  • Different Materials available for base roller -  Steel, Stainless Steel 

  • Taper Portion in Grey PP Molded Sleeves Only.

  • Different Drive Options available - Gravity, Sprocket driven, Poly Vee Pulley driven 

What are the sizes & options in Taper Conveyor Rollers manufactured by Excel Conveyors?

  • If you are looking for a roller of length 350mm, accordingly you can choose options as below. 

    • Base Roller Dia 38.1 with Min Dia 43mm And MAx Dia as 67mm​

    • Base Roller Dia 38.1 with Min Dia 46mm And Max Dia 71mm 

    • Base Roller Dia 50.8 with Min Dia 53mm and Max Dia 78mm 

    • and So on

  • Below Table available only in Desktop Version

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