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Type 200
Fixed Drive Rollers
Sprocket Welded Rollers 
Sprocket Driven Rollers 

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Features Of Type200-Fixed Drive Conveyor Roller

  • Drive - Fixed Drive with Sprocket

  • Materials - Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel

  • Bearing Housing - Polymide Molded

  • Sizes - Roller Dia. & Shaft combination as per standard table below

  • Length - made to order 

  • Load Capacity - reference table below

  • Surface Treatments

    • Carbon steel -  Zinc Plated, Chrome plated

    • SS - Mirror Polished

  • Coatings - PU Coated, PVC Sleeve

Standard Sizes available in Type200 Sprocket Driven Rollers 

This roller construction is similar to Interroll make Series 3500 Fixed Drive Conveyor Roller

Load Capacity of Conveyor Rollers 

The load capacity of conveyor Rollers is as mentioned below. The column headings of the table are lengths in mm. The row headings are roller diameters. It can be seen that the roller capacities of the rollers are in Kgs. The "x" marked shows that, lengths are not recomended that diameter.  Want to understand more about load capacity ... read here

*The load capacities are only for reference and indicative, as they are subjected to component material and other working conditions


The roller conveyor  designers and users of gravity conveyors need to understand that the load-carrying capacity of rollers is distributive and not concentric. It means that the capacity of the roller is not pointed load capacity.  

Load-carrying capacity is inversely proportional to the length of the rollers. As the length of the roller increases, the roller capacity decreases. Accordingly, high-width products need more diameter.

When should you use Sprocket Driven Rollers?

Sprocket Driven Conveyor Rollers are used when you have to move the objects e.g. carton box with motorized roller conveyors. Fully machined sprockets are welded to the roller pipe and assembled with shaft to form the sprocket driven conveyor roller.


Chain and sprocket is the best option for light as well as heavy duty application. There are various options in size available, depending on load application. Traditionally chain and sprocket combination has been proved to be very much reliable as there is no slippage between chain and sprocket. 
The chain driven live roller conveyors makes it easy, to replace and do the maintenance of the conveyor, as compared to other types of the conveyors. There is adequate knowhow available with any layman to use chain and sprocket as we are using the chain and sprocket combination from the ages.

Due to the available gaps between the rollers, some additional applications such as installation of stoppers or installation of any specific washing application is also feasible and practically possible.

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Components / objects to be moved with conveyor rollers
Carton boxes, plastic crates , totes, metal or plastic drums, carton boxes , jumbo pallets with heavy loads , automobile components are some of the which can be carried on the roller conveyors.

Chain driven live roller conveyors can be used in all industries. Depending on the industry and application demand, material of construction can be used.

Chain driven live roller conveyors or motorized roller conveyors are best suited when you want to move the material at a controlled speed. The smooth finish of the rollers ensures that there is no damage to the objects. Due to bearing, it moves very free optimizing the electric power requirements. 

PVC Sleeve Coated Rollers .png

The rollers come with Coating Options also. 

There are two options available for the coatings. A Polyurethane coating or a PVC Sleeve. The Polyurethane, known as PU Coating comes in minimum thickness of 5mm. PU Coating is a  time consuming process and similar to molding. The PU Coating has got smooth finish. It is used  when you want to avoid the component contact with the metal.

The PVC Sleeve comes in thickness of 2/2.5mm thick. It is inserted on the roller mechanically with pressure. the PVC sleeve has got rough finish. You need to use it, when you want to create pressure between the rollers and components. e.g. HDPE bag. It is not easy to move the bag on plain rollers. As there is slippage between the rollers and bag. The rollers keep on moving and the bag is at its pace. When PVC Sleeve

is used, it moves the bag due to friction.

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