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Conveyors & Rollers 

Conveyor Roller & Conveyor Manufacturer in Pune

Conveyor Roller & Conveyor Manufacturer in Pune

Welcome to Excel Conveyors

At Excel Conveyors, simplicity is our hallmark. Since our inception in 2016, we have dedicated ourselves to crafting straightforward yet ingenious conveyor solutions. As a leading Conveyor Roller and Conveyor Manufacturer based in Pune, India, we understand that sometimes, the most powerful solutions are the simplest ones.

Navigating the complexities of material handling, we offer a range of conveyors that seamlessly bridge the gap between efficiency and simplicity. Whether it's the smooth transport of lightweight labels or the robust handling of 2-ton pallets, our conveyor systems are designed to make your processes effortlessly efficient.

Our product repertoire spans a wide array, from carton boxes and HDPE bags to machined components, plastic crates, and more. We take pride in being architects of uncomplicated material flow that meets the diverse needs of industries worldwide.

What sets Excel Conveyors apart is our commitment to simplicity without compromising quality. Our Standard Design Concepts ensure swift turnaround, maintaining a delicate balance between efficiency and ease of use. We believe that in simplicity lies the key to reliability.

Join us at Excel Conveyors, where we're not just simplifying solutions; we're propelling your business forward with the ease of excellence.

Rolling Your Growth by Simplifying  Motion

We have made conveyors

to handle various  products

such as 

PCB Handling Conveyors Pune India
Jumbo Bag Handling Heavy Duty Roller Conveyors
Conveyors For Carton Boxes
Automobile Components Handling Conveyors
Plastic Crates Handling Conveyors
HDPE Bag Handling Conveyors
Jute Bag Handling Conveyors
Plywood Handling Conveyors
Small Balls, Bearing Balls Handling Conveyors
Jute Bag Handling Conveyors
Drum Handling Conveyors
Plastic , Chemical Drum Handling Conveyor

Our Products

Excel Conveyors is in the manufacturing of Conveyors as well as Conveyor Rollers 

Conveyor Roller Manufacturer Pune, India

Conveyors for factory Automation

We manufacturer various types of Conveyors requried for factory automation.

Our range of product includes 

  • Flat Belt Conveyors 

  • Modular Belt & Slat Conveyors 

  • Roller Conveyors 

conveyor roller manufacturer

Conveyor Rollers 

We manufacturer various types of Conveyor Rollers  requried for factory automation.

Our range of product includes 

  • Gravity / Idler Rollers

  • Sprocket Driven Rollers 

  • Timing Pulley Driven Rollers 

Driving Efficiency Across Diverse Industry Sector

At Excel Conveyors, our commitment to excellence extends across a spectrum of industries, revolutionizing end-of-line packaging with our versatile conveyor solutions. Since our establishment in 2016, we have become a trusted partner in streamlining operations for businesses across various sectors.

Our conveyors play a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency in the following industries:

  1. FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods): Excel Conveyors facilitate the seamless movement of products, ensuring swift and efficient end-of-line packaging for the dynamic FMCG sector.

  2. Food, Bakery & Dairy: In the realm of food production, bakeries, and dairy, our conveyors are designed to meet the stringent standards of hygiene while optimizing packaging processes.

  3. Pharmaceuticals: The pharmaceutical industry demands precision and reliability, and our conveyors are tailored to meet these requirements, ensuring the smooth flow of pharmaceutical products.

  4. Chemicals & Fertilizers: Excel Conveyors contribute to the safe and efficient handling of chemicals and fertilizers, providing a dependable solution for the packaging needs of this sector.

  5. Electronics: For the intricate and sensitive nature of electronic components, our conveyors provide a secure and efficient means of end-of-line packaging in the electronics industry.

  6. Automobiles & Ancillaries: From small components to the assembly line, our conveyors support the automobile industry in optimizing their packaging processes.

  7. Battery Production: In the specialized field of battery production, Excel Conveyors ensure the reliable movement and packaging of battery components.

  8. Furniture Manufacturing: Our conveyors play a crucial role in the smooth handling and packaging of components within the furniture manufacturing sector.

  9. Corrugated Paper Manufacturing: In the paper industry, particularly corrugated paper manufacturing, our conveyors provide efficient solutions for handling various materials.

  10. Logistics and Warehouse: Excel Conveyors contribute to the efficiency of logistics and warehouse operations, streamlining the movement and packaging of goods.

  11. Packaging: As a conveyor manufacturer, we understand the nuances of the packaging industry, providing tailored solutions to enhance the packaging processes.


At Excel Conveyors, we take pride in being the driving force behind the streamlined operations of diverse industries. Our commitment to innovation and precision ensures that our conveyors stand at the forefront of efficiency, meeting the unique needs of each sector we serve.

Our Customers

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