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What is Load Carrying Capacity of Conveyor Rollers & Selection of Rollers?

Updated: Nov 21

Rollers are integral part of Roller Conveyors. Gravity Roller Conveyors as well as motorized roller

Gravity Roller Conveyors
Gravity Roller Conveyors

conveyors are formed using rollers. The optimum roller selection is necessary, to avoid undue events in future.

If the under capacity rollers are selected, there are chances the required life of the conveyor cannot be guaranteed.

Higher capacity rollers will result in increased investment and so ROI.

For this, optimum roller selection is very necessary.

Roller conveyors are used for various usages such as conveying carton boxes, plastic crates, totes, drums of sizes, intermediate containers, wooden as well as metallic pallets, heavy duty automobile components and many more.

Here one should note that, we are discussing about conveyor rollers of a "Roller Conveyors". Roller

Conveyors are used for conveying carton boxes, components, etc. These are called unit handling