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Curve Roller Conveyor System for Machined Parts

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

A well known customer from South India, wanted a Curve Conveyor system to carry automobile wheel rim. This ring was fully machined. Being curve, we preferred roller conveyor system.

At curve conveyor, we used Taper Rollers. These taper rollers are made using PP molded sleeves plugged over each other to form taper portion. Since here the rim was in contact with PP sleeves, there was no PU coating required for these rollers.

It is always advantageous to use taper rollers at curves. At curves, there is risk of the product leaving it's position. So the product comes to at one edge of the conveyor ... generally it is inside radius. By using taper rollers, this is avoided. The product does not leave it's position at curves.

The conveyor system has control panel, VFDs and sensors also to avoid product falling at the other end.

Watch out this video. Know more about Gravity roller conveyor manufacturer in Pune, India.

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