Powered Or Driven Rollers

What are Powered Conveyor Rollers? 

It is not possible to use gravity rollers everywhere. This is because for longer lines, the slope will increase too much. Also for fast speeds and controlled speeds are not possible with gravity rollers. So powered rollers are used in such cases.

What are Types of Powered Conveyor Rollers? 

Powered Conveyor Rollers are of Different Types. The medium of drive depends on the type rollers. 

Type 200 - Sprocket Driven Rollers

Type 300 - Polymide Groove Pulley Rollers

Type 310 - Polymide Timing Pulley Rollers

Type 320 - Polymide Poly Vee Pulley Rollers

Type200 Sprocket Driven Rollers 

  • L* - Max Length

  • Steel# - Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel -SS304, SS202,SS316 all options available

  • Zinc Plating ^ - for Carbon Steel - Zinc Plating, Chrome Plating, PU Coating

  • Zinc Plating ^ - For Stainless Steel - Mirror Polish, Polish, Matt finish

Driven Rollers Types_ Excel Conveyors.PN

Construction of the Type200 Sprocket Driven Roller

Type200 Sprocket Driven Conveyor Roller.

The fully machined double row sprocket is welded to the roller. There is bearing in the sprocket as well as at the other end of the roller. The shaft runs across the roller and is locked from inside for axial position. When the chain runs the sprocket, roller are runs and the shaft is steady bolted the side frames. 

What is the load-carrying capacity of the rollers?

Load-carrying capacities are mentioned in the chart below. 

The Columns headers are lengths of the roller in mm and row headers are roller types. So a roller of dia.50.8 x 1.6mm thick 600mm length will have capacity of 150kgs. Please note that the roller carrying capacities are indicative. Please read here more info about load carrying capacity before you select the roller.