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How to Calculate Roller Pitch of Curve Roller Conveyor

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Curve Roller Conveyor are often a part of the conveyor system, due to space or assembly constraints.

Lets see design of curve roller conveyor.

1. Roller Widths = Product Width + 100mm.

Taper rollers manuafctured by Excel Conveyors are made using PP molded sleeves, pluged over each other to form taper portion. So there are limtations of length and dia. before finalising roller width check the taper roller dimension chart.

2. The Inner radius (IR) needs to be more than 750mm so that the product can turn comfortably.

3. Add Taper Roller Shaft Length in the Inner Radius to get outer radius (OR)

4. Calculate perimeter of the curve portion. Perimeter of circle is 2(pi)R.

If curve conveyor is only 90degree, perimeter = 2(pi)R/4= IRP

Accordingly calculate outer radius perimeter = ORP

5. If Taper Roller Min dia is 43mm, start with roller pitch as 50mm on inside radius = IRP/50 = X no of rollers.

Calculate outer roller pitch as ORP/ X = So you will get the pitch. Check what the outer roller dia at that position. In any case, minimum 3 rollers must come below the product at outer side also. Repeat above calculations to optimize the roller quantity so that product will be stable enough as well as roller pitch will not be too high at outer radius.

Curve Roller Conveyor are the easiest way to move your material along radius.

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