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How to calculate Number of Chain Links required for Sprocket Driven Roller Conveyors?

Updated: 4 days ago

Calculator to calculate chain links required for collecting two sprockets

While assembly of sprocket driven conveyor rollers, chain loop formation is a major task.

If it involves half lock, then it becomes more tedious

For roller conveyors, there is no scope to adjust one of the sprockets. So the only option left is putting precise roller pitch for rollers.

Below is quick calculator to help you out.

Before Using the Calculator

Please note that Chain Pitch and CC of sprocket is in Metric (mm) and not inches

So Sprocket Pitch

3/8" = 9.5mm

1/2" = 12.7mm

5/8" = 15.87mm

Type of Lock

If calculator result =

ODD Number = Half Lock

Even Number = Full Lock

If you want to know how to calculate number of rollers for chain driven roller conveyors, please

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