Gravity Roller Conveyors

What are Gravity Roller Conveyors?

Excel Conveyors manufacturers Gravity Roller Conveyors. Gravity Conveyors move the product by its weight. The Gravity Rollers are mounted between two frames. The two ends of the conveyors have different heights, so that a slope is created between two ends. The product is placed on the rollers and carried to the other end of the conveyor. Gravity Conveyors do not need any electric or any power to run.


Higher the weight higher the speed of conveying.

Higher the slope higher the speed of conveying.

Higher weights with higher slopes may result the product with high speed resulting in damage at another end, if proper arrangements are not meant to reduce the speed.

Carton Boxes, Plastic Crates, Totes, automobile & mechanical components, drums, wooden and metallic pallets are some of the examples which can run on roller conveyors.


How do Gravity Roller Conveyors work?


Gravity Conveyors work like a slide in a children play area. As slide takes down the child from top to bottom by gravity, similarly gravity conveyor runs the product from top end to the bottom ends. 

What are Features or Benefits of Gravity Roller Conveyors?
  • Easy to Assemble

  • Easy to maintain

  • No Power, No electricity is used 

  • Less Manpower 

  • Install anywhere - no limitations


What are the limitations of Gravity Roller Conveyors?

Limitations of Gravity Roller Conveyors are as below.
  • Very Low Weights do not slide because there is no gravitational force. The gravity roller conveyor in such cases requires a higher slope.

  • Due to increased slope, longer length gravity roller conveyors are not possible for low weights.

  • Heavyweight items need extra care such as speed control rollers are to be used.

  • Not suitable for higher or longer lengths.

  • The controlled motion of products is not possible on gravity conveyors.

What are Applications of Gravity Roller Conveyors?

  • Semi-Assembly line of any product in various industries

  • Pallet conveying for jumbo bag or boxes or bags etc.

  • Warehouse Conveyors 

  • Godown Conveyors 

  • Factory Conveyors 

  • Unloading from vehicles

  • Carton Box Conveying 

  • Plastic Crates/totes conveying

  • Storage Racks for FIFO / LIFO 

  • Live Storage Racks 

What different types of gravity rollers are available?

Please check at Gravity Rollers 

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